I had a dream in 2009 that I was flying over my grandfather’s yard with golden wings and there were dragons.

…This dream has reappeared only at crucial times. God is a message in a bottle sent back to ourselves. 

These dreams appeared when my mom died,  but ever since only upon getting hired somewhere worth an extreme amount of money compared to what I’d been making. Or one time right before I basically saved my exes life due to predicting her appendicitis. The night before. I was the only one who pushed for it and the docs found a problem with it low and behold! 

I know that the dream was generally about radical epic success and happiness. 

I had another recurring dream last night; it was a continuation of the same series in which I was jumping up from a very well embroidered Victorian red rug to realize that I was soaring up from the middle of a golden cathedral hundreds of feet, in which I had jumped all the way up to the ceiling, probably about 10 stories…Quite a sensation I might add. 

Again I am potentially on the verge of getting hired somewhere, I’ll likely hear back today.

This series represents extreme success, its just a question of how I will handle it.