Shatter your molds: Multiculturalism isn’t itself.

Being against multiculturalism does not necessarily mean that you are against multiple cultures existing and interacting in the same space. 

Ask yourself: do cultures really interact, let alone integrate in the US?

In New York City they do. Or did. 

America is a tossed salad not a melting pot, first of all.

There are powerful interests that have worked to systematically keep it that way.

Multiculturalism in our context, is actually a neo-liberal idea sold to us to produce political division, and it means in practice: a passive form of anti-integration in which cultures exist side by side and in echo chambers. 

In Northern Virginia, where I grew up, it was and still is quite common to find even young people still not able to speak English.

When I lived in France, 2002-05: for the first time I observed a true melting pot where all citizens relatively, were integrated, yet French culture reigned supreme. That is, Afghan kids were friends with white French kids and the absence of high school cliques was quite remarkable as opposed to my own country where classes and cliques were the prime defining characteristic of all social interaction. 

(Note: As per Muslims: This is a bit different today where Islamic culture has been put in a position of class war with the overall culture. Right wing policies have made it so in recent years.)

At its base premise the neo-liberal idea of multiculturalism is actually the belief that all cultures are equal. 

But are they really?

This grave mistake actually leads to isolation and echo chambers since what should be happening is a wide scale integration of many cultures into one global culture in which we take in the fruit and spit out the seed of all our existing societies.

So, if all cultures are equal just like if all men are equal that means that ALL parts of every culture is protected. 

And when all parts of our cultures are preserved at once, we have no choice but to fragment and isolate those groups in order to preserve them. 

Cultures as static or traditional entities, are like incompatible pieces of software until a new computer system gives us a platform to integrate them.

The Pentagon knows this.

In Vietnam during the 60’s, our military pumped pro-north vietnam fundamentalist propaganda to encourage them to continue to be communist so that guess what? – We continue to have a reason to fight them and perpetuate war.

In South Central L.A the LAPD along with the CIA, made sure to encourage black communities to localize via drugs to pit one neighborhood against another, in order to preserve their existing (horrible) cultures and hence, never evolve. Nor combine forces, making them weak and rendering them into easy targets. 

Multiculturalism is actually a form of license, not freedom and the rich manipulators know exactly what “equality” leads to in practice. 

Hence in order to be politically correct, one must accept all parts of that society, such as female genital mutilation, or sexism, or even racism. If we are to accept every culture as equal this would mean accepting the KKK. 

Think about it.

A true “multicultural” society that leads to any real success, integrates into a melting pot where the good parts of all of us are put into one place.

Think about what this world could be, and what it would actually look like.

In Brooklyn cultural identity is preserved while the New York City culture reigns above all.

The wonderful Islamic music and food, dance and value of discussion would combine with European-Greek ideas of oral tradition and even science.

New York City, when I lived there for those great 4 years in the 90’s, it would be common for my body to be pressed against subway polls in packed trains where you can’t help but to hear other languages, other ideas, peoples problems–from another very different perspective. Picking these ideas up is really more a matter of exposure. 

The difference is that all the idiosyncrasies were celebrated rather than isolated.

Let us think again about the PC idea that all cultures are equal and reject it and in its place put:

All cultures may not be equal per se, but all have wonderful things to offer. Let us also not merely reject the bad parts of cultures, but examine why they are bad and invent a new order, one the likes of which the real and actual world has never actually seen.


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