Social Reality.

Social Metaphysics means that you are weighing, scaling interpreting, and evaluating reality in terms of social facts and emotions rather than objective ones.

Emotionalism, it’s close sibling, is interpreting and evaluating emotions as if they were facts.

One could say for example, that an artist is a creative being, born out of fire. Or one could say, this artist is a leader in her or his community. Both may be true, but one is interpreted existentially, the other, socially. 

Social vs objective interpretations of reality is perhaps the biggest threat to mankind’s survival his own impetus to collaborate and combine efforts supersede survival and it’s benefits when it goes to far and that happens pretty quickly…

Most often, socially interpreted phenomena is highly inappropriate and a threat to any clarity and crops up most often when it hurts an individual or group of individuals. 

The entire concept of the “politically correct,” for instance is a perfect example of the effort on a mass scale, to subvert facts in the name of getting along.

The idea that one or an entire land like the U.S., is “post-racial” for example, is such a grievously destructive practice as to wipe out entire cultures with a single stroke.

Post-Racial is a concept born of white middle class groups who think we are somehow beyond race in America.

Ask any African American about this and with slim to no exceptions you will find that nearly all will tell you that this is a joke of the highest order. Yet the Socially Metaphysical idea is promulgated as if reality.

Anybody touting that this U.S. is post racial needs to have their head examined. White people or caucasian, barring Indians, who stand behind black people in line rather than with them waiting to fill their soda cup, came up with this absurd and disgusting notion. 

It is the political equivalent of the mafia wife telling her kids her bruises and cuts, are all the result of the stairs.

When someone tells you they’re post racial; ask how many good black friends they have.

When they stutter and blank out.

Then say:


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