SEO Web Tip For Artists #3

Artists have a distinct advantage when it comes to Google’s search algorithm, which is based largely on how much “one of a kind” content you can produce over time:

Art pieces are products that can be proliferated infinitely without producing duplicate content, and are inherently unique.  

See, the big problem companies have is that Google is programmed to like unique, frequent content, without producing too much garbage or duplicates.

Art, say paintings and drawings can be produced in great number, and used as blogging tools to feed Google spiders, with enough frequency to corner key words and phrases. The title and tags you give it are what feed the spiders, not so much the body content as read here.

This post is targeting “painters,” SEO,” “web,” “artists” in order to link my name with both artist and web.

This is called “Semantic-Connectivity” in the SEO world. Always include an image. Preferred community and interface right now seems to be Instagram.


  • Choose terms you wish to target.
  • Do frequent posts, like at least everyday.
  • Unique content, i.e. – A pic of a unique painting. OR even multiple pics of the same painting. Note: Even a slightly changed image is still a completely different image and is to Google, unique. Each of them could be a post.
  • Short body content for users who don’t spend more than a few seconds or minutes on your post.
  • Optimize for mobile-first.



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