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New* – Commissioned Artwork “In Luminous” (Oil on Canvas 124″ x 48″)

In Luminous, Neal Cormier Commissioned Artwork

In Luminous, Neal Cormier Commissioned Artwork

“In Luminous”

(A More Elegant Time)

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A client from this area just commissioned a large piece of artwork from me.

Just last week.

Four panels.

First commission in a while. There will be full documentation on its final release date and sign off… …This photo is not going to be up for very long, I just wanted to see it on my blog in the client’s home. It’s a bad photograph, but this is all part of the process–new pics coming soon!

Coming Soon! LED Paintings.

Coming Soon! LED Backlit Paintings from Neal Cormier Art

The technology is finally here! I will in under a month be offering the very first of a new kind of medium for art: backlit LED Paintings! They are basically a live HD TV with one image or a double sided image. I checked out the technology today at FedEx Office that offers the technology at a much smaller price than I’ve ever seen! There aren’t many if any artists offering this right now. Personally I think it will take over original oils for display purposes. The “box” no more than 2 inches thick provides HD quality film print underneath. Makes art even more affordable for quality technology and a spectacular display. If you like art in your living room, get ready for a new kind of living space!

Original Oil Painting – 75% OFF One Week Only

Original Oil Painting by Neal Cormier for Sale 75% OFF One WEEK ONLY!

Original Oil Painting by Neal Cormier for Sale 75% OFF One WEEK ONLY!

Price: is ONLY: $500 For 40″ X 60″ – 2008 – Neal Cormier Original Oil Painting !

– Contact Me Directly Via Email Via my Website or Here on WordPress to Purchase Original:

(Shipping within the US is only an additional $25! I pay the rest! Offer Expires after Oct 21st. Original Price Since 2008, was at $2,555.)