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Morning McLuhan Reflections

The loss of the wrist watch, and the rise of the cell phone have produced a new kind of voluntary time.

Time on the assembly line was not voluntary, the looming clock everyone could see…

Then wrist watches decentralized the central clock in the Grand Central style. Time became a tad more voluntary, but more present: it’s also in the home, as well as “at work” whatever that kind of slavery was back then. Admittedly though, the wrist watch did make time ubiquitous. In the 1980’s, I mean, who didn’t have a wrist watch, or five; like Madonna..?

Anyhow, cell phones make time a bit more flatly digital or that is, a monopoly on the sun dial sort of time. Remember that digits are light projected at our face. As McLuhan says, the Sun Dial is a more forgiving sort of time, not because it isn’t exact per se, but because it is light in a three dimensional form versus a line; a moving line, the striking finger of a clock…I look over at my Smart Phone, and time even if in content, exact, I have had to open up the phone to find it…And even if it were threatening, I have a world of options to open time up to the perceptions of anyone I choose. Time under internet conditions, is organic and perhaps altogether becoming absent.

Microsoft Surface is Ancient and Futuristic Simultaneously: Kubrick is Proud Today


Surface Touch Technology Neal Cormier Art

Surface Touch Technology Has Seen Light Neal Cormier Art

Surface revolutionizes the Touch interface for the very first time.

I always thought the iPad was great; for revolutionizing the design and the hardware…But Surface is something we imagined should have been in 2001. It is finally and officially the future.

It takes mulitasking to a newer literal level in the sense that it harnesses slates of space in the way Lion had wanted to grasp at but lacked the timing and further innovativeness. Continue Reading


No matter how downright crazy we are, Americans are some of the absolute most creative people on the planet. It’s because we accept living on our own terms as absolute. We’ve paid the price, and continue to pay…So does the rest of the world. But ask yourself, why is it, even the people we subject to oppression, want to be us? In so many cases as to be a worldwide brand?

The distance between an idea and its living reality is perception and possibility.

The distance between an idea and its living reality is perception and possibility. This distance is what prevents convergence of point of view, forever enslaving us to endless wars with ourselves.  People must get in touch with the deeply implicit, subtle embedded cultural and familial assumptions and behaviors behind their point of view–in order to see around their point of view.

What you thought was a wall, is actually four walls with no encasing “house.” But the thing is, you think of it as a real house. And you see it as a collection of things, but you may have forgotten a telescope and windows.

This “non-house” includes these four walls with four doors.

The doors lead to no where but other non-houses with other non doors. But you are distracted from this fact because there may be many things in these “rooms,” but only things you have already found. You start to feel you are discovering things when you’re really unearthing things. Both are important.

The thing is that all the walls and doors exist, but since they go no where, they might as well really just not. This is the same with playing only chess with yourself: you are acting without an external purpose, and will only repeat already discovered walls and doors.

The illusion of this house is the root of our doom until consciousness makes it our invariable salvation.


In Love. Sometimes Earth is possible.

I hadn’t foreseen this.

It fell directly on my head.

She did.

We’re engaged.

Science has only yet to find why people get struck by lightening.

The Great Imperative. Wins.

I thought I knew what being in love was. I knew finally what it is to love someone. But in love. This is something that could seriously be lost and not remembered.

I was struck by lightening.

Just the other day.

Her name is Kat. Katherine. How crazy is that? – This is the name I always thought I would meet in a girl. My grandmother’s name.

She comprises all the lists of things material and non, so many lists I made…Even to have half of these things I’ve listed over the years would be superhuman. She has more than most if not everything. Well, might as well be everything, I love her smile it makes me melt…she is hyper-smart, intellectual, creative minded, laughs at my downright crazy weird sense of non-humor, is theoretical, political, talks all the time and is absolutely gorgeous beyond my wildest dreams-beautiful–and has my crazy sense of life.

She skydives and talks fast. Big ideas. Are always the best left for last.

What combination of infinite lists did it take to finally spark life on Earth?

I love her forever.


Morning of Resignation and Synthesis

 You must access the luminous part of your mind.

Get intoxicated, or be sober when you wake up.

But make sure these moments are seized, and that this happens to you. You aren’t living really, otherwise.

That you see that seeping dollop of light pouring through the poor power of your blinds.

It is not a moment of rational discovery, but of instant rapture.

The mind realized something.

You don’t entirely know yet, what it is. That is the discovery. Often it happens when you step out, take a risk, the mind finds a way.

Otherwise, all is linear growth.

In these moments, it’s not that anything becomes possible, it’s that so much more is realized in that instant than any other in the previous weeks, months or whatever…

It’s because the brain has pulled something together, overnight or during your daydreams…

I woke up one morning and could tell time.

As a kid.

Same thing happened to tying shoes.

It sounds like the first track on The Division Bell. As far as music, I could list volumes of songs.

An advancing series of simple piano notes.

I can see snow.

And possiblities.

Dreams of New York, me trudging through the Jersey Heights cliffs to see the Empire State backed to a stolid grey. Clouds that look like movement.

It’s right under your nose. The key to unlock it; the answer to the problem, the way to get rich, the way to crack the cement wall and tunnel out.

And you must act though.

You have to grab that moment and run with it.

Study, your job, my paintings… This is when the realization must be realized.

It’s what all human evolution is based on: anomalous mutations that happen to get a break.

Or they don’t and wait for the next mutation to come around.