Voca’s Department Store – Vesper Heliotropic Excerpt

“Are you being punished?” Camille asked her after a short while of the two girls just looking at each other.

“Why don’t you come and find out?” The girl spat back, smiling intensely, curling her legs up a bit, and playing with her hot red pigtails.

“Oh my God!” Camille tore a glance back at Kim.

“Is daddy good to you?” inquired Kim joining the force he’d been defeated by.

You can be my daddy,” the girl replied, looking a little more serious now.

“This is fun!”

Yeah it is!” Replied Camille, instantly.

“Ask her another question!” Kim cheered on.

“It’s so funny, you really think that’s a little girl in there.”

“But it’s–”

“–Not, it’s not.”

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