Perspective and Integration

Point of view and philosophy. These are the real reasons. Ideologies that conflict and are mutually exclusive. Not our sacred cows that say everyone will in the end, get along. No way. No way has the main goal of humans to evolve ever democratized. You can’t democratize or civilize humans until they have reached a utopic state. It is that state we fight for. It is that state I fight for. All else is dross.

And that is why the future is automated even in Law, and will inevitably implode into a single point of view. The fight and the loss of most human lives will take place. Probably soon.

The rule of will, will indeed surpass the rule of compassion. Hopefully compassion will be kept. It needs to be kept. It needs to be… …All needs to be integrated. One race, the new human race will survive. A mongrelization hopefully. In all the right ways? Hmmm. I wonder!

the bouncing ball: Vesper Heliotropic Book I. Crystal Turbines

“Everything felt like a toilet bowl to her suddenly…florescent lighting and tiles, desks all in rows the removed suggestions of an omnipresent monotone, a sole repeating voice above an ecosystem of whispering students, sort of bouncing from ceiling to desk to floor, dissipating with each bounce, only to end up under someone’s foot or chair.

And that was class: a small rubber bouncy-ball under someone’s foot or chair.

Rachael didn’t like that feeling, it was cold and washed out, there was nowhere to go from it, only to sit, only to watch, blankly.” …Read More of Vesper Heliotropic Book I. Crystal Turbines…

“–Everything is just fine, and that vacation time means everything is going to be f—–g fun!”

“–Everything is just fine, and that vacation time means everything is going to be fucking fun!”  He then turned to his wife and added with an off and rancorous tone, “No Eileen, not this time, I see you with that look of yours, but nop!-This is too important, this is the big event, we’ve been waiting for months–the cook-off, the Big-Game barbecue!

After that, he grabbed his daughter by the collar of her T-shirt and threw her…Read More of VH Book II. RACHAEL


Dating: ‘Intellectual or Non?’ – SIGNS OF FEMALE ATTRACTION

Biting of the lip, flipping of the hair.

There was even an Oprah episode about the classicality of the ‘hair flip.’ Penthouse magazine sites an unstated, cool, casual indifference. “Go over to her girl friends and tell her you were wondering something (as if a secret) and ask her what his buddy should name his Labrador? Or what she saw on American Idol the other night cause you missed it…”

Dating experts tell us to do anything but be honest most often and how to ‘play the game,’ without calling it a game, meanwhile ads the advertisers who paid for your ads and articles, advice some men take to heart and beyond…

I myself have dated thirty-five women. Not a large number per se, for the standards (or non) of today’s average ‘person.’

But what advice do I have to give? What are the signs of if a girl or woman (whatever she makes herself into) is attracted to you. Do looks matter? Yes. Women, as are men, are biologically programmed to find reasons (as are we) to like the face and body of a broad number of males. Advertising is run by endless battalions of misogynist homosexuals who hate the fact that Internet porn is making both women and men into fetishists in a mainstream way. We seek what’s different just as much now as we seek bio-compatible or biologically ‘beautiful’ mates.

(Some of) the signs from my 35:

At the bar or before you have sex:

  • Eye contact, period
  • Flipping of the hair with a smile indicates she likes you if it’s repeated
  • staring at her from afar for too long–no good. I learned this from Penthouse magazine. The dating experts ‘The Industry’ puts in their articles on dating all say this. They’re right. Unless you’re an artist. Ha.
  • Sitting straight up, leaning over to you, etc.
  • Shifting her eyes at you, from one eye to the other (Penthouse and my own observation as well)
  • One liners can work if she likes you, if not, you’re fucked.
  • Intellectualism, or concepts and pretentiousness if displayed via unearthly confidence, works and makes them feel stupid. At which point you can then laud them for something they do well. You must do this stealthily though, the next day or hour or something, slip it in there.
  • Flattery that they believe, is key
  • Women are basically men with low-self esteems destroyed by advertising, if you say anything make sure it’s good concerning anything about their appearance. Don’t get yourself into trouble by introducing the complexity of it in conversation. TROUBLE.
  • If you’re dealing with a professional woman, stay away. If not, don’t try and compete on her turf, ever. Women are more territorial than men about their ‘work’ whatever it is. Don’t challenge it, and as Dale Carnegie would say “What good did winning an argument every do for you, if all it gets, is the person’s anger at you?” To this, I say, unless you are a successfully thought-out philosopher, don’t attempt to lure them into your own ideology, ever.
  • Challenge the women on your own turf. I.e. Your own profession. Women are suckers for the older authority figure father-brother complex. Use it, they using you for your own mother-sister-fuck complex. Let her. Then you’ll end up fucking each other.
  • After this, extol her for things she knows about her own ‘work.’
  • Accentuating her ass when she walks to the bathroom. She knows you’re looking, always. Women know what men like but hide it well, women are a box of secrets and yes, women are indeed much a mystery, to themselves especially.
  • Project strength in a real way, and unearthly confidence. Not fake, has to be real. You must believe yourself. At least for the time it takes to seduce her.
  • Remember: No matter what she says, if she likes you, she wants to be seduced. If you are with a non-intellectual girl or woman, name it at your peril. You won’t sleep with her or bare her children, whatever your values are…

This blog is now too long, more on this later… 🙂

The Careerist

Goals are the concretization of ideals, and ideals are inseparable from the self. The result of any separation of these two results in either extreme of a broken person: pragmatism or so-called) idealism as an either-or.

The profit motive is therefore, wrong for the sake of pleasure or aims apart from rational ideals. Survival for one’s own sake, divorced from objectively derived principles which uphold a larger span of life and existence, is a contradiction in terms and can only be attributed to the life and existence of a lower animal.

A Careerist is someone who has chosen both to trump higher ideals, has chosen to be a chicken without a head. Ideals that act apart from the mere lifespan of oneself but do not necessarily act against the self are the only rational course of action to a human life. The abdictation of selfishness in the proper degree, would also be a contradiction to the properly appropriated, enlightened selfish nature of a human being. i.e. Man does not and should not act without pleasure, so long as pleasure or joy does not trump ideals.

So what of the many many situations that naturally and inevtibly arise in life where one can’t have both?

Aside from this and my main point is that both the profit motive as well as one’s own survival for its own sake is what has made the Careerist forsake all else.

It is important to split hairs to a great degree and not give in to the extremist mistakes of the past, i.e. capitalism vs. communism–in that money qua money as an organizational tool, and a tool that grants pleasure to fuel ideals is not wrong and in fact may be very ethically right.
If you doubt that the life of a Careerist is improper to man’s life—observe the modern effects on those individuals that have chosen such a path:

So what are higher ideals and what delimits them against every form of vague and contrite supposition?