3 thoughts on “www.NealCormier.com

  1. Hello Neal,

    my name is Natalia.

    Pictor Mulier has made an artwork from one of my pics.Disfrutando de un baño en el lago

    I’m follower of his blog and saw your artwork, too, which really favours me.

    If you like i would be honoured to be a model for you and send you some pics of mine.

    Kiss Nat

    • Natalia,

      Sorry not to get back right away. Great, yeah I’d love to do some drawings as I cannot paint right being in a roommate situation between jobs. I will look for the art with you in it, but I wanted to reply right away, its been a week since I checked my WordPress email. Anyway, sure send me the pics of you!


  2. Natalia,

    I just checked out the work pics.Disfrutando de un baño en el lago, and its the painting I thought it was. You look great. What a painting too! Yeah, please, I’d love to draw you and put you up in my gallery!

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