Media Psychology: Ego Goes SuperNova with Smart Phones

The extreme ends of Narcisism are evident under electronic conditions to begin to appear to be its opposite: the smart phone’s constant state of tactile-reflection is very mentally rutting to the ego in its collectivist message, and so to speak; goes SuperNova.

Meaning, that in imploding upon itself, (the ego) i.e. looking at yourself “too much” whether it be on Facebook or FaceTime—you suddenly realize with electronic speed, that now instead of being in an isolated living room theatre, you have the rest of the world visiting ad-infinitum.

This virtual sort of tribalism is the feudal precursor to the physical based, off-grid living we’ll be doing very soon enough. Always remember the Hunger Games and O’Brian will always be torturing us since, and as McLuhan says: Terror is the prevailing emotion in the new eras.

Aside from paranoia and joy.

I’ll add that this also joins us in a very Buddhist sort of way. This comes from the Western belief of progress and lack of relativity that the electronic jungle wipes out. Boundless space is infinite so you don’t feel so great in the distances traveled per se. Medieval is this boundless future full of fantastic, with such things in it…

Voca’s Department Store – Vesper Heliotropic Excerpt

“Are you being punished?” Camille asked her after a short while of the two girls just looking at each other.

“Why don’t you come and find out?” The girl spat back, smiling intensely, curling her legs up a bit, and playing with her hot red pigtails.

“Oh my God!” Camille tore a glance back at Kim.

“Is daddy good to you?” inquired Kim joining the force he’d been defeated by.

You can be my daddy,” the girl replied, looking a little more serious now.

“This is fun!”

Yeah it is!” Replied Camille, instantly.

“Ask her another question!” Kim cheered on.

“It’s so funny, you really think that’s a little girl in there.”

“But it’s–”

“–Not, it’s not.”

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Vesper Heliotropic Dystopian Sci-Fi Graphic Novel (Excerpt)

2. the house

RD AUTO Message: 1064, Sun 4, Octobre 2089 – Washington D.C. Off-Line USC-CAMBIAN City Territory: ‘CAMBIAN CITY’ |

It was a dark blue nighttime.

18-064 Rhode Island Ave stood like a beaten-in jack-o-lantern.

Hazy rafters of nauseated yellow light shot from the long vertical windows of tall row house doors that seemed to hang more than stand. They loomed over the short concrete porch adjoining the next house over.

She thought she’d been climbing up steps only to realize they were nothing but a series of crumbling stones. There was a loud hard clap from somewhere near and the air drizzled light beads of rain and

poked with cold stabs.

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