Fuck Democracy?

I often find myself siding with the conspirators.

Emissions are down 25% say some leading studies into the impacts of climate change.

And just within the last 30 days. Plastic waste is up, but most air traffic has been grounded, car traffic is coming to a screeching halt, and oil is now worthless which will make renewable energy an absolute necessity. Meat and dairy which account for over 70% of all emissions and probably even waste, are now in question and could be conceivably abolished by law.

Is this not the best case scenario for the planet?

Let’s say for a second that there is a global conspiracy of Trillionaires and Billionaires who control the planet and pretty much always have behind the scenes.

Do you really think that the needs of reduced waste and emissions could be met by so-called Democratic processes?

  • 60% of all vertebrate life has gone extinct since 1973. – National Geographic
  • Most studies involving the permafrost melt in the arctic north give dire forecasts of warnings of exponential runaway climate change with a methane feedback loop involving a matter of 10-20 years before all life on Earth is extinguished. – Time, Newsweek, NBC
  • There is about 1,000 Gigatons of methane under the arctic permafrost being released as we speak. There are only about 5 Gigatons in the entire atmosphere. – NOAA
  • There is now evidence of what used to be a rainforest that is the entirety of Antarctica. – CBS
  • Antarctica reached 69 sustained degrees last month. – National Geographic
  • This is the 5th hottest year on record for planet Earth. – National Geographic
  • Greenland’s largest glaciers have melted, losing 2 billion tons of ice in 2019. – CNN
  • Australia and California are on fire, along with a large percentage of the Amazon rainforest. – Virtually anyone you ask
  • In its 2018 special report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that we only have twelve years to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.
  • Research predicts that without dire action to reverse global climate change, our entire ocean ecosystems could and most likely will suddenly collapse this decade. – Nature, The Guardian

So, if ‘Democracy’ isn’t going to save us in time, (which come on, our makeshift failed systems can’t do anything right), then what will?

Nevermind that the rich have made sure this has been the case – If you were Bill Gates, or the Rockefeller Foundation, wouldn’t you at least begin to think about taking matters into your own hands?

And if Time and NBC are saying 10-20 years, what is the real figure let’s be honest(?)

5 years?

The time to act is now and fuck Democracy, I agree, we need swift global authoritarian action.

By force.

What better way to stop the end of the world than to release a virus that has minimal casualties but stops the wasteful economies of the entire planet?

It’s perfect. Notice how the numbers to this virus are so low? Anthony Fauci himself backed a New England Journal of Medicine peer reviewed article that put the actual numbers of the Covid-19 virus somewhere far under a 1% death rate. And even said it was on par with the normal flu. Yet, in public he declares the exact opposite. A study on Santa Clara sample population concluded a 0.14% death rate and a recent Denmark study said something very similar: a 0.16% death rate. Today, I saw a Los Angeles study stating even lower a death rate.

Yet we have a global lockdown.

Don’t worry about money, it’s actually fake, the dollar has been floated since Nixon, the rich can just keep printing it while controlling hyper inflation which is a myth anyway. What do you think the Federal Reserve is?

Don’t worry about resources, the rich have been lying to us ever since, and hence all our paid off institutions have too—the whole world’s population can be fed 15 times over, simply by eating plants.

So what’s actually going to happen?

If the controlled opposition of Trump and others like Alex Jones are successful, the virus will certainly come back in order to further social distancing enforcement which will become drone based. The conspirators secretly want people to resume normal life again this year, to re-infect everyone with a second wave. After this, more fake numbers will be made up to coincide with flu season in the winter, making this unbearable.

Complete socialization under a possible universal income will take over. The homeless and other expendables will be silently siphoned off to FEMA camps, along with any hapless dissenters. Once it gets bad enough, and probably as the second lockdown commences, next year ID2020 under Gates, will rollout micro-chipping and mass vaccinations for anybody who wants to return to normal life.

Authoritarianism as seen in China will begin to infiltrate all American and Western European life. What will be done to extend the lockdown past 2022 remains to me to be known. However, the goal of saving the planet (for the rich) and in the meantime producing totalitarianism for the western world, will remain.

Life as we knew it, isn’t going back to normal. The planet cannot afford it.

Media Psychology: Ego Goes SuperNova with Smart Phones

The extreme ends of Narcisism are evident under electronic conditions to begin to appear to be its opposite: the smart phone’s constant state of tactile-reflection is very mentally rutting to the ego in its collectivist message, and so to speak; goes SuperNova.

Meaning, that in imploding upon itself, (the ego) i.e. looking at yourself “too much” whether it be on Facebook or FaceTime—you suddenly realize with electronic speed, that now instead of being in an isolated living room theatre, you have the rest of the world visiting ad-infinitum.

This virtual sort of tribalism is the feudal precursor to the physical based, off-grid living we’ll be doing very soon enough. Always remember the Hunger Games and O’Brian will always be torturing us since, and as McLuhan says: Terror is the prevailing emotion in the new eras.

Aside from paranoia and joy.

I’ll add that this also joins us in a very Buddhist sort of way. This comes from the Western belief of progress and lack of relativity that the electronic jungle wipes out. Boundless space is infinite so you don’t feel so great in the distances traveled per se. Medieval is this boundless future full of fantastic, with such things in it…

Labor Day

I’d like to thank my wonderful fiancée for pointing out the actual meaning of labor day this morning. I suppose we do owe thanks not to our government per se, but to the people that made use of the genius of amendable government. Every step of the way while the kings and the barons still persisted as they had throughout all history; to rule by force and without justice to those they ruled.

Not that I agree with Democracy itself you see…Democracy is rule by mob without the electoral college and even with it, it’s not enough in my view. Amendable government; actually having the ability, at least with a good fight, to change the nature and enforcement of that which rules us–is what we persist in this for as a bottom line. Continue Reading…

Doris had been the first…

“…Doris had been the first. The remains of her body churned in a state of suspension as The Gentleman had emptied the blood and changed the soap at different intervals. This was so that the body would go through decomposition at different stages.

The dark otherwise empty room was lined on either side with moving bodies in the metallic yellow and blue of twelve industrial washing machines. In front of each of the spinning engines of the machines was a nice neat set of clothes and shoes along with all the other personal things on their person. A book, a Light-Board, a deck of cards, notes, and a tiny micro world of their life was laid out before the churning of their bodies, as if respectively, each of them had merely stepped into a hot bath…”

 …Read More of Vesper Heliotropic Book I. Crystal Turbines…

Sleeping Giants. Greatness…is an Idea.

My Heroes have changed. At least they were Giants.

I met Patrick Stewart. At the New School. In the Capital of the World.  He taught me that humility could be strength. He taught me that presence trumps words. At times. “Engage.”

She taught me strength in a woman, after my mom.

Saw her live. Rapture. She taught me anger could be channeled and used against the enemy.

Ayn Rand taught me to FIGHT. That principles and values are to be faught for if not, you don’t deserve them. And that intellectualism is a moral thing.

And that there is more to life than ‘this.’ That indeed “The noble soul has reverence for itself.” – Nietzsche

“…Some give up at the first touch of pressure; some sell out. Some run down by imperceptible degrees and lose their fire, never knowing how or why they lost it. Then all of these vanish into the vast swamp of their elders who tell them persistently that maturity consists of abandoning one’s mind; security, of abandoning one’s values; practicality, of losing self-esteem…”

Most everyone I know and knew, sold out. I think it takes losing that which you love most…to enter the realm of the epic life, of the left hand path, of original experience. I lost my mom at 20. I lost my sanity around that time…too.

Only recently got it back.

Joseph Campbell taught me original experience and the mythical life, as life. He taught me compassion and listening. Intellectuality.

Our country stands as the single most avid destroyer of the black man. And woman. We all let it happen.


He also and recently taught me that passivity is worse than being the perpetrator of evil.

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

This man taught me that tyranny comes in many forms. And that religion itself is THE primary perpetrator of evil in this world. Thomas Jefferson was an avid anti-Christian. –FACT.– Period. Look it up.

“I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

— Thomas Jefferson

I have been able to recite this at will since I was 15.

He was writing about a religious tyranny over a town by means of a preacher in the 1800 campaign.

My Dad loved him.

Temporary Like Achilles

It’s hard to know who a traitor is.

“Treason doth never prosper. Why? Because if treason prospered, none dare call it treason.” – JFK, Oliver Stone

The major reigning institution of our time, primarily government dominated corporatism, or oligarchy, a business run society, finds it convenient to pour propaganda into believing in the Achilles tendon approach to life and logic by always going after non-sequitors to debunk claims.


Well consider that most people you know are probably oriented toward reasoning that looks for anything to disprove any theory. Whether you know it or not. I’ve even been duped by the present form of business and remnant Christendom in the form of skepticism.

That is, the skeptic movement is extremely convenient for big business that depends on making big theories into hash. We don’t see it but it’s there. For the right, the American oligarchy is trying pit the right against the left out of poking ‘holes’ in evolution. For the left, big business is trying to poke holes in anything philosophical that challenges the so-called capitalist story while supporting judeo-christian values in their propaganda. Its kind of like when I saw all of a 4 year old cousin’s Lego set of you know, random houses and people painted all in red white and blue. The advertising agenda had a conservative parental strategy in mind to sell patriotic Lego sets.

I’ve witnessed the veiling of christian ethics in the guise of the real and true science of skepticism, (vs. the philosophy I believe to be inherently flawed) which I believe in good enough numbers, to be a hidden Christian movement, as many skeptics are also former Church goers. Michael Shermer, a former Christian himself and now a leader of the skeptics movement is a poster boy for the allegedly converted atheist. Yet he is extremely populist in Rhetoric and the Things he writes about Tend to be politically motivated, yet, go figure–sound in content. Practically being raised atheist, myself, I see where the interpersonal gaps are.

The truth is not in what we’re saying (cause people will think your crazy) but even the most adamant conservative brainwashed Fox News junky, or conditioned liberal MSNBC monk, will reveal things about how desperate they feel through implicit means such as inflection, but also content, when their living space is under attack. My late grandfather, a very conservative christian former WW2 Colonel railed against corporate clear cutting of forests in Maine, as said, only cause he lived there, but still, it shows what people actually believe once their interests are threatened.

I’ve had 4 close friends pose as Intellectuals who are actually touting status quo religious attitudes. Funny enough, I have to admit I am partially a religious thinker in method. That is, I think the mental process of  rapture is necessary to a healthy epistemology. Another story for another time.

I am not saying that all skeptics are synonymous with Christian values, but that business is profiting off of playing one group against another so that the acquisition of threatening quantities of Capitol are kept at shallow equadistant levels for the common ‘Peasantry.’ According to Michael Moore which I later verified, Citibank group leaked a document describing the American people as ‘Peasantry.’

It’s no secret that those in power consider things from a medieval point of view since their real business is power and force. Global domination. At present I do not see major signs that the global corporate agenda is coming at all exclusively from the right, though it may.

My point here is that people are translating bottom lines into lived philosophy. The bottom line inside the corporate model, is a job in which (unless it’s tech, and most often even then) you must work all of your vital weekly hours inside someone else’s dream of your life. This consumer model environment has been rendered temporary by the advent of the Internet and its decentralization of culture. Meanwhile centralized authority strives to make all countries sit stagnant together, as Chomsky points out, into ‘a low wage equilibrium’ within a blanket of constant war and low scale innovation. He has a tantamount quantity of controlled evidence to support this.

So when a close friend or family tells you that trying to get rich is a pipe dream,they may be correct, or they may not, but don’t ever close the door on any idea because people are telling you it just isn’t gonna happen. What you’re confronting is not an opinion, but very possibly, a conditioned reflex.

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Philosophy is Real

In this blog, I will indicate why abstract, philosophical action is especially appropriate as it pertains to domestic situations.

If a computer is given a set of files and folders it can’t find, it let’s you know. It does this with an error, or used to just shut down. My Dad’s Apple IIc would making a grinding sound akin to pulling tantamount quantities of air into your lungs through your nose and a straw.

To a human, with relativity to a large abstract concept called: life–these files and folders are meant to be inserted as input; instructions on how to translate the incoming data into a course of action. (Rand)

What is this action? Living. What is living? Rand says it’s the process of self-sustaining and self-generated action. I say that it is the reactive system & environment between individual and often collective action that passes through moments, space and time. Something like that.

In any case, if life consists of moments, there are qualities and quantities to these moments, ups and downs, input and output. When there is an inappropriate file in another folder, we often make things up to cover it up. I did. For years. But since ethics does not exist in reality and can only exist through the thoughtful reasoned, full integration of consciousness–my fundamental principles remain absolute.  Link here.

A full integration of consciousness on a literal level is not possible without technology. However, I  do think that a conscious philosophy is not only necessary, but essential to resolving lived situations and ‘advancing in life.’ This is the same thing as saying “Think top-down,” since philosophy is a top-down system. It has to be, the amount of information it has to deal with is too broad to be examined in terms of anything else. Concepts as Peikoff says, are the Algebra of cognition.

Like a book entailing how to run a computer ‘program’ like Drupal or write code like PHP, style in CSS, etc–we have a choice to read bottom up or top down. (Source on top-down-bottom-up thinking in this example: Author of “SVN” by OReilly)

When you read top-down, you are trying to get an over view, and this often sounds very superfluous to us. It did to me for many years without that concept, and as a result, like the absence of any idea, it results in large errors.

The analogy of the The Maze and the Revolving Orb comes to mind. These analogies are my own.

The Maze is all the situations we live in that we must pass through since we must walk forward. If we go back, in ‘philosophical space,’ we die which in reality means stagnancy and its inevitable end result: death.

The Revolving Orb is what’s directly in front of us, obscuring (very Platonic and sort of New-Agey I know) our vision from what’s in front of us.

Can we stop? No. Can we look to the sides? Yes, you can only see in your peripheral though and its often very blurry but can also be sharp if you look closely. The Orb never stops turning, but relays on its revolving, undulating surface, that which is in front of you and also, the maze itself, invconveniently located as an overlay, a metling transparecny of the entire Maze.

So let me complete the analogy: Philosophy is the Orb. Life is what’s in the maze itself along with its walls. The more we learn about philosophy, the clearer what is front of us becomes as the Orb merely CAN relay (say in pixels) what is in front of us, but does not necessarily relay the right thing at all even.

So say you have an angry head. What’s in front of you will be distorted or made of characters that aren’t really there. If you take your anger and reason it, what’s in front of you might become clear. But there’s no indication that what is on the Orb is true other than your ability to navigate the Maze and find your way out.

Most people are using peripheral sight in place of the Orb. Literal fragmented vision in place of a birds eye: Philosophy, a conscious, maintained fully actualized way of life.

We live in a world to whom philosophy is invisible. Why has it remained invisible?

Philosophy began as a way to explain things, nothing more and it keeps its roots because of one of its branches: metaphysics. Metaphysics deals not merely with reality itself, but with absolute reality. In the universe, this is literally that which is permanent to it.

Think about that.

Stars might be one literal thing. Planets maybe. Solar systems. Okay, but what about the things we can’t see and often can’t even feel? What permanent things are there that we can’t see? Is Freedom something we can touch and see? Sure it is, we are free to go outside and smell the air and the flowers.

But this isn’t freedom, is it?

Freedom is the ability to have options. Options are granted via a law that protects us from other people infringing on us. In our society. Why is this? Because the alternative as Rand says, is a gun and everything that comes with that.

So what happens when people say “I don’t need privacy, the law takes care of that.” Yeah. Well, this is the same way I feel when talking and dealing with people who care not to have a conscious philosophy.

It’s very much like the scene in Scarface with Toni Montana talking to the Banker in his own home. In this scene, Toni has a complete misconception of banking, banking systems and is uneducated so knows very little about money or Economics. As the result of this he wishes to hold all his money in cash in his house or go with another bank. The Banker tells him not to be a Schmuck and that he’s paying the extra taxes he’s balking on,  for security. Rather than actually reason or look into this, he tells the guy to leave. He merely smiles and tells him to say Hi to his wife for him. Toni has believed something abstract about his situation, it’s not that he hasn’t. He understands that Bankers are people that need to make money and that this banker could be cheating him. Cared he to articulate it, and that’s exactly my point. Toni even with his own limited information could still ask the question: “What is my knowledge based on in this instance?” Upon seeing not too much in front of him from the recall done to files and folders in his mind, he brings up that he doesn’t really have very much. As the result of this, a normal person would conclude that they need more input.

And in terms of philosophy (the conceptual bird’s eye in relation to the concept life and how we live it along with what reality as a whole is) this is virtually anybody I meet since I live in U.S. Or really anywhere, but especially in my country.

The Orb to someone who does not have a conscious philosophy, is highly distorted at best.

So what about the argument that contends that we don’t need philosophy in practical reality?

My first answer to this is: “You’re right.” My second is: “For You.”

In reality this is the same thing as saying “I don’t really need to know my wife’s motivations, I just need to love her.” Or: “I don’t need to study up to know that women are generally weaker than men.”

How about: “Black people are inferior.” Still convinced you don’t need philosophy?

But science does that, you might say. And yet Science even in method now, is the historical evolution of philosophy itself.

The Real Reason: I hear about how philosophy couldn’t mean less, often in situations where it could make a difference, the most.

Watching TV shows is oddly a good source to learn about all of philosophies in action. I recommend Six Feet Under for an honest view and Rome or the movie Gladiator for an exaggerated but keen eye into the importance of personal politics and philosophy.

There’s one thing missing though…

What in the Maze analogy is moving us again? Aside from ultimate death and ongoing prolonged torture or whatever else, why do we need to move forward? There is even a good amount of scientific evidence to suggest that without exercise, the body atrophies. So does the mind. And so does philosophy, contained, by the way, by means of the mind. So if we must move forward in life, how fast? What sets its speed?

My answer for now is this: Adjust the speed for yourself, but don’t let the speed distort what you see in front of you. What do you see in front you?