I think this is the first time that the Republicans have gotten their teeth kicked in. Like, but–for real kicked in. The polls showed only the perception held by conventional wisdom: that our country is the beam of glowing perpetual thing that never changes, when it actually is based on change in a broader way.

It occurred to me today that I as we all I think have gotten so used to the “right wing” being there that we’d forgotten it could be dented, and more…defamed. This vote on behalf of brave latino black and women voters, finally spoke.

I myself have been a long time polemicist in the way of railing at these very women and minority voters because until now, really they hadn’t stood up for themselves, when doing just that is exactly what they should have resorted to first.

Appeasement of a perpetrator is advocacy of the perpetrator. Yes. And the liberals have finally grown some teeth themselves.


Our Country is Lost.

“Bye bye Miss American pie.”

We are finally experiencing the end of The Enlightenment, and the bitter end of Nationalism.

As Noam Chomsky points out, for instance, “we are very much in the same position Germany was in 1933. People are alienated, atomized and powerless…”

I would add that we also will possess the anger over a forgotten nationalism, as Germany did. That will be revived. Just by whom is the question, and rather than getting a Hitler, which would at least feel vindicating, we get the transnational corporations that have destroyed the old republic, our true democracy.

In Germany in the early 1930’s you could walk into a café, but you would pay a different price for coffee than was on the menu, upon leaving because prices changed every minute. This has not happened yet, but it will unless the liberals completely take over, which I don’t see happening.

We are indeed on the verge of possible hyper inflation, rising threat of serious depression, and to boot, the echo chambers that the internet fragments and decentralizes us into, has polarized point of view to the point where as McLuhan has said, “there will be a day when politics is imagery.”

That day has come.

The Democratic process is halted, stunned, and illusionary. Our country, finally is lost.

America has fallen.

One thing is clear by the reactions to the debate last night: there is no more country; there is no more United States of America.

It was painfully clear that Obama had won the debate with flying colors and that Romney is just a puppet head spouting generalities and catch phrases. Most of Obama’s answers were beyond direct. Even MSNBC had republican spin doctors to throw the concentration back to the republican argument i.e. Lybia of all things and the Rose Garden, since that seemed to be Romney’s most consistent argument.

Obama is a complete moderate and he is being attacked as a radical, when Romney who achieved “socialistic” health care identical to Obama’s in Massachusetts, is deemed middle of the road. The fact that Romney has not been required to drop out of the race for utter hypocrisy is Treason of the highest order.

Yes, he’s had to compromise on immigration and certain other things, but my God, the liberals fail once again to defend themselves, and passivity is worse than the perpetrator in many ways. The President was completely presidential, reacting with bullet point answers to real questions. And yet the debate is still tied. If the liberals would do their jobs keeping an eye on facts in a realer way that has actual teeth to it, we wouldn’t have this insanity.

I do not accept the liberal’s failure to defend our country. If you are a Republican and will vote for Romney, take yourself off my follow list, I am purging every one of my Republican friends from my life forever. This may seem “extremist” yet who has taught you this buzzword? The corporate agenda supported by their personally purchased party, the Republicans.

If you cannot see that Romney has no arguments and is nothing but a corporate rich man puppet out for nothing but personal gain, it as Jefferson says–is time to abandon the democratic process in favor of the hills. It is time ladies and gentlemen.

It is time.

Doris had been the first…

“…Doris had been the first. The remains of her body churned in a state of suspension as The Gentleman had emptied the blood and changed the soap at different intervals. This was so that the body would go through decomposition at different stages.

The dark otherwise empty room was lined on either side with moving bodies in the metallic yellow and blue of twelve industrial washing machines. In front of each of the spinning engines of the machines was a nice neat set of clothes and shoes along with all the other personal things on their person. A book, a Light-Board, a deck of cards, notes, and a tiny micro world of their life was laid out before the churning of their bodies, as if respectively, each of them had merely stepped into a hot bath…”

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Sleeping Giants. Greatness…is an Idea.

My Heroes have changed. At least they were Giants.

I met Patrick Stewart. At the New School. In the Capital of the World.  He taught me that humility could be strength. He taught me that presence trumps words. At times. “Engage.”

She taught me strength in a woman, after my mom.

Saw her live. Rapture. She taught me anger could be channeled and used against the enemy.

Ayn Rand taught me to FIGHT. That principles and values are to be faught for if not, you don’t deserve them. And that intellectualism is a moral thing.

And that there is more to life than ‘this.’ That indeed “The noble soul has reverence for itself.” – Nietzsche

“…Some give up at the first touch of pressure; some sell out. Some run down by imperceptible degrees and lose their fire, never knowing how or why they lost it. Then all of these vanish into the vast swamp of their elders who tell them persistently that maturity consists of abandoning one’s mind; security, of abandoning one’s values; practicality, of losing self-esteem…”

Most everyone I know and knew, sold out. I think it takes losing that which you love most…to enter the realm of the epic life, of the left hand path, of original experience. I lost my mom at 20. I lost my sanity around that time…too.

Only recently got it back.

Joseph Campbell taught me original experience and the mythical life, as life. He taught me compassion and listening. Intellectuality.

Our country stands as the single most avid destroyer of the black man. And woman. We all let it happen.


He also and recently taught me that passivity is worse than being the perpetrator of evil.

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

This man taught me that tyranny comes in many forms. And that religion itself is THE primary perpetrator of evil in this world. Thomas Jefferson was an avid anti-Christian. –FACT.– Period. Look it up.

“I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

— Thomas Jefferson

I have been able to recite this at will since I was 15.

He was writing about a religious tyranny over a town by means of a preacher in the 1800 campaign.

My Dad loved him.

Corporate Hegemony and Internet Philosophy

The corporate superiority of the redneck or hillbilly in terms of communication that is all at once, integral, in depth awareness and slang tongue. Coupled with a real time, emotional, instant multidimensional medevil, non-abstract, purely expression driven linguistic form.


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The new ideology is oral tradition and tribal-inclusive peaceful and intelligent. We reject the philosophy of our forebears here who hold humanity in slavery and teach the doctrine of self-sacrifice rather than the balanced median of selfishness first and love, second. –One cannot love ANYONE else to any degree or form, without first loving and then, falling in love with oneself.


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People have a sense that by buying products, they're being had, in order to counteract this, since age in memoria, we have henceforth sold them the idea that in buying Into the system, they're rebelling. And since, every form of rebellion has been packaged behind every product. Think missiles. Think McDonalds. Pay your taxes. Buy Ice Cream. Think milk.Drink. Drive. Give me your money. Good job.
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