Search Engine Conditioning Toward Progressive Specificity

People ask, how are people going to make their money in the future, if the web makes everything free?

Well, the answer to this question starts with porn…

I began my chronic life of sexual coping by watching and searching for studio, vanilla, third person porn. Jenna Jameson era. Originally on VHS. Continue Reading…

SEO Evidence of Upward Ranking Movement Last Night

So last night I was doing some keyword research (yes I guess you could call it that) and I thought of isolating key phrases where I am on one of the first pages. Pretty much, the first page is the only page within any search. Though there are people such as myself and my fiancé who will search maybe just a bit further.

Anyway, I went through a bunch of searches like “neal artist” which by the way has a low competition, relatively niche appropriate level of searches like 3,000 per month; and a high CPC (cost per click) value, to boot. I come up, regretfully on the fourth page. Ugh.

Anyhow, I happened to isolate the search “graphic novel free download.” I saw that my name came up on the bottom of the second page. No matter what computer I was on. (My wonderful awesome pretty beautiful gorgeous intellectual genius fiancé looked it up on her computer at work to verify after.)

Google Adwords verified that the search “graphic novel free download” ironically leads to a good cost per click as well as, get this: 2,900 or so searches per month, globally. About 3,000 searches are performed on that key phrase per month! 560 locally.

So, if you aren’t aware, the point of getting the traffic off of small key phrases vs. large name brand phrases like “art print” or some famous person; is to dominate the rankings of a phrase of keywords through not much to hack at in terms of competition. 

…Cause you have not a snow balls chance in hell of getting on that first page of a big term like “Art Print” for instance, really…you need sub genres! Cause guess how many searches Erotic Art has? Like I think, somewhere in the realm of 200,000 per month. You ain’t gonna hack through that. But a term with low competition that has 3,000 searches? Sure. And then rank on more of them. And more and more of them…

Anyway, you try to rank higher, which means to be indexed under a particular search at a higher place, meaning closer to the top of the very first page. 

Anyway, kind of being inspired that I was on the second page (at the bottom no less, yet still coming in good in the race for “graphic novel free download,”) I published a blog last night targeting all the recommended Adwords key phrases in my tag line, but not too many as to not “stuff.”

I also made the title identical to my original search:

“Graphic Novel Free Download: Vesper Heliotropic.”

I had published this post in December…

—There is “SEO pressure” I bet, also because I have been publishing key word aware blogs with targeted phrases (of relevent content as to not upset Google and remain a true artist not a spammer) for months if not more than a year about my book Vesper Heliotropic. 

So, again; last night I got inspired and published another ad for free download of my graphic novel first issue:

Notice that I also put the search INSIDE the URL. It matters. As does again, the title and tags, of course. 

So this is a picture of my ranking last night:






And here is today, late morning:


I’ve moved up 5 spots in the search overnight. Google as stated in the cheesy little info-graphic I whipped up in Pixelmator; Google put me 5 spots higher because of having such a recent date of publication, higher than the others. Google will take whatever most up to date relevant info on a given topic there is to take. I just didn’t think it would index within 12 hours! As stated on the time stamp of the ranking item.

I’m still on the second page, but if I keep after targeted keywords and phrases of the search, and as Adwords tells me, is a “Low Competition” search, then my rankings will wind up #1 eventually, in theory.

5 spots in a night. I mean, I did it with the SEO guy at a web company I used to work for; but overnight? It happens. Saw it happen there. 

I also by the way, Twittered the 3rd place ranking in the search, an author of a fantasy sci-fi series called “High Society.” I followed her, too. And will friend and network through everyone with relevant content. I should also include Vesper Heliotropic the title in the title line, not just the search which is bad practice, I was just too excited. 

Anyway, I am also on the first line of images in the Google image search for graphic novel free download. 

Moral of the story? You can rank overnight if the competition on a key phrase is low and the volume of searches decent. The Art of SEO by OReilly helped me in reading it btw. 

So, I will continue to augment key phrases in order to ad up search numbers. My goal right now is 30,000 searches per month as aggregated from ranking higher and on the first page at least on all targeted phrases. 

Hope this blog reaches the rankings on the same search too. I want everyone to know about how to rank as I did not, and could have used the help. 🙂

SEO Inertia

Exponential growth of markets online.  such as seen with any feed, is inevitable as long as there is a consistent push. That pushing is embodied by updating, commenting and liking.

(At least this is a big part of the SEO currency for now. The internet, still being in its infancy; has not completely switched away from text. It’s only begun to gain speech in a real way.)

As you grow you will gain followers.

Let me state this again: As you grow you gain followers.

Let me say rather, growth itself necessitates growth; follows. On any scale. The more you have the more people in the exact way that compound interest multiplies; will also multiply. This is the very model of exponential growth.

What most people do as I mistakenly did for years; is to discard the value of these followers because of the initial rate of growth. Theoretically I have known that followers grow exponentially. But now I see the reality of exactly why:

Because people with lesser likes and fewer follows no matter what scale were talking about, will always want to follow and like and generally just be more involved with those with more likes and more followers.

The mistake people make is not to keep pushing but to give up initially which, virtually everyone does.

Part of the reason for that at times, split second resignation, is in thinking in terms of, and so bound by the exact industrial way we are all still used to: Mass marketing.

Instead of saying things to yourself like, “What target audience am I aiming at?” – Say, “what exact group of people do I have now, and how can I capitalize off of those groups that are interested right now?”

Think of groups organically, not categorically. In other words, any group of people, for any reason, on any scale is a viable group so long as they have an interest in what you provide. In any capacity or degree.

Because chances are, your target audience; your true target audience is either way too big or way too narrow for you to reach right now. You need a step ladder, a long one: it is the very inertia of SEO.

I must also remember the other half of the story.

Let me say this succinctly: first I’ll say it crudely: the web is an interest multiplier.

An interest snowballer. But only potentially. Remember that. Remember that the daunting nature of what you face as a producer is very possibly just a man behind a curtain pulling levers. Pull that curtain back, and realize that it was only a curtain. Then pull at those levers yourself.

The more interested you are in other people divests itself not necessarily at the same rate per person nor all the same amount of energy. The overlapping of interests is what gains us an automatic inertia as well.

(It becomes somewhat relative with different interests and spin offs which I will discuss the complication of in a future blog. It’s just more good news for the producer, especially the small time producer.)

This is why it is practical and not too impractical to do constant updating in multiple feeds. The interest that everyone gains from the interest generated from likes and follows from their feeds (in one sense so long as they’re lesser than you are) will have more interest in you than you do in them.

And hence more energy divested. The more that you grow the more that this is the case. So you have a push from behind that you gain. This automatic forward momentum from behind is what I had never counted on. I always thought it would have to be self generated every step of the way. And it grows with size; and as it grows does a lot of the expansional work for you. Indeed by definition as its very nature dictates–more the bigger it is.

The answer to “Why should I even try no one’s going to listen we’re all just typing anyway…?” — is answered finally with the fact of this inertia: you no longer have to have a degree for people to listen to you; just a number of followers that organically change into heterogeneously adaptable groups.

That is, groups that actually change with the waves of interest on the Internet.

This is what big advertisers don’t necessarily want you to know.

The reason that they do not want you to to know this is because corporations are a product of the 20th century. They are divested in making money via interest. But interest as spat out at consumers  required to buy in order to fuel the economy. The new economy is a system of producers and consumers nearly equally If not entirely.

Because anyone with talent should know what I did not: True growth is inevitable given a certain amount of time. All exponential growth is slow at first because it is hard to evaluate the rate of growth rather than just you looking at small numbers. That is, it only appears to grow slowly, the actual equation is working the same way throughout.

The part about this working regardless of scale is why people give up. It’s definitely why I gave up the number of times that I am guilty of.

Let’s recap:

1. Interest sparks growth. I.e. someone likes a blog of yours because you write a blog about cats and they like cats.

2. Growth then attracts and matches growth. Ie. You get enough likes and follows that other people like and follow you. Or on a smaller scale: the one like you gained from that one blog about cats is matched by another like from another person with a blog about cats. Then in turn, someone who likes dogs and cats then follows both of you. See how it is inevitable that you have gained a number of likes from only one? And this keeps happening until you have lots of likes of followers, inevitably.

3. SEO inertia occurs because each like leads to the next group of likes. Remember that it does this because it is agnostic of scale. Scale agnostic. This is the key of the most salient point to the idea I am illustrating. Because we all believe implicitly that low numbers do not attract other low numbers, but they do. They do online anyway.

Then in tandem, numbers of group of likes and follows results in web authority over a given matter within the values of that group.

5. The result is a forward inertia shaped like a pyramid. Meaning that there is more work to do at the bottom than there is as you gain bricks toward the top. Just as it is with any economic model.

6. This model then in turn guarantees its own feedback loop. Which then in turn, also guarantees more growth for less work. Thus guaranteeing exponential growth.

7. How fast or how close that peak of exponential growth is reached by an individual producer, is dictated by how much of a concept the producer has of which so called “points” will triangulate best or rather, the most with other points. In other words, each point is the light for a follow or an update, or an impression that returns a value. The gravity given to each point per value, will yield an inevitable gain. The speed and force of this gain, is facilitated by how interested someone is when they like or follow something. Thus the gravity of points is a value expressed not by the general curve, from beginning to end; but rather by observing points of singularity: the rate of growth when small leaps happen. Observe the rate of the growth of these leaps, and you will be able to project the curve you are entering.

There. I think that does the idea at least a general justice…

– Don’t give up, there are other guerilla marketers out there that will be successful.

On a less negative note If you have anything anyone else on earth could be interested in, You now have the means to reach them.

Like Madonna said: “People say that a great thing never lasts and that it has to fall. Those are the people that did not ammount to much at all.”

SEO Philosophy

Individuals lives are now carved out in searches. It is not the internet of 10 years ago where people dabbled online. They are now vested in earnest. Think of your content as different feeds. Not merely web sites. But web systems that lead you through larger systems like a supermarket constellation which are  in turn, intertwined with other constellations. That in turn lead back to galaxies back to constellations and back to you in 90 seconds. Or 1 hour. Or 1 day or week or year or years. This is the true nature of SEO. Constant updates are one of the keys  to gain a following.

Think of it as the world the way it was left at the end the 20th century. That’s right now by the way…

.. Which also by the way is based on a national centralist mass marketing media. We are experiencing its decentralization as we speak right now…

This system required a 9 to 5 work day. Doing things we didn’t necessarily want to do. We are all so separate from each other due to this historical fact.

Think of the Internet as reuniting people back into their natural interest groups. And that money so called, will be a formality not even noticed in everyday life. A social currency within a group. Money way ahead; will then be a very natural byproduct of living, not its aim as it is now. But a process. Totalistic in nature.

Money is no merely the exchange between virtual tribes and moreover within your tribe.

Automated Altruism

Consider that when you ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ someone, at least on platforms where people take their blogging seriously, you are telling them that they are effective enough for you to go in, if even for a skim, and actually thought their content of value. In turn, by modular inevitability, they will most often like or follow (share) one of your posts.

But here’s the gag: Every Like is free advertising for people who (such as on WordPress) appear with other blogs of theirs in a sample blog, right into your email. Or what happens is that the other person goes and looks at your stuff even if it is not automated like this. But the WP style email ‘Follower’ model is probably the winning stroke for now in that it is direct advertising. I wonder still when social networks start developing into enough modular societies to be able to start closing themselves off to evolve into self-sustaining micro-states. Anyway this is going to magnetize, polarize and pocket the world by means of interest and merit rather than nepotism, or ‘who you know.’




I never thought I’d be the one to say this was a good thing, that the web is in some ways actually inherently altruist in structure. (I say this, being sort of an x-objectivist.)

But I must say, the power of the reciprocal is brought with an innate and new level of pervasiveness. The Facebook ‘Like,’ the Google +1, the Stumble Upon…These are all very powerful. In the absolute very beginning of SEO for me (2005) I thought the social array of buttons were rather superfluous.

Get this: they are still the same tools, it’s just that people are taking the web more seriously, which is what I’ve been crying for, needs to happen for some time. That said, I would like to share with you what I’m discovering about the ‘Like’ paradigm to web computing in terms of ‘social’ network building. It’s happening in LinkedIn and WordPress for me now. Two rules:

1. Whatever you do for someone else, will probably be returned to you.

2. This is actually what is probably a ‘web-vortex’ Yeah, I just made up that word, and yes, I just make up words. Why? Because before the linguistic PC Nazis hijacked English, people actually put thoughts together with something called logic. Well, the ‘Like’ across all platforms is actually what I believe to be the structural implosional process of human interest into eventual or sudden pocket groups of which some might even manifest themselves geographically. That said, the Like is what you think might be a nice way to share that you liked something of interest to you and possibly be of objective or social value as well. In reality its a magnet to flatten society just as transactions are flattened in a bank account if both the bank and the consumer-Point of Sale happen in the same instant or thereabouts. Well, in the same way, what’s going to happen when you have social media tech that is so powerful that since Google has inventoried every entity on the planet, one Like could mean 15 sales. It will get to the point where everyone with talent fits in, and everyone without self-starting innate drive coupled with talent, real talent, will be on the OUTs.

This is the end of social marketing, and it is also the end of marketing.


– Copyright © Neal Cormier 2011 All Rights Reserved –

Neal Cormier is an artist and writer originally from the Washington D.C. area.

– – His concentration is visual art–especially oil painting and graphic novel illustration.

He is also an up and coming fiction writer, of which Vesper Heliotropic is his first full length novel publication with Amazon, Barnes and Nobles (eBooks) and Lulu Inc. (for paperback & hardcover) Neal recently had a showing at National Airport in Arlington, VA (March 11 – June 25 in Terminal A). He also, and even more recently, had a first book signing for Vesper Heliotropic at The Midtown Scholar, a local hipster style bookstore in downtown Harrisburg, PA.

Neal has sold a variety of pieces to clients from around the world. His artwork has been shown in cafés, bars and galleries in New York City, Washington D.C., Paris and Alençon, France.

After high school, Neal attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and spent four years living in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. He moved to France after this, and spent roughly about the same length of time in the region of Basse-Normandie, northern France. As a result, he speaks French and has a (tall) 9 year old daughter, Lili. He now resides back home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with his fiancé, Kristin.

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