How Do You Know When You’re Right?

 Or at least more right, more often than not.

 The answer? By constructing an amendable matrix. Of differing lists.

 Along with the following concepts:




Rationality                       MATRIX





The concepts I don’t cover out of not having time to write more, you’re going to have to look up, but most of these are here at least used in a context.

1. I want you to think whether or not you consider yourself a follower or a leader, a conformist or a free thinker.

Okay, got that?

2. Now I want you to make a list of all the things you think of as 100% true in reality.

3. Then list all the things you know for 100% are agreed upon by all of your friends. You might notice that this is a very different list. It should be and would be the more you are a leader. As long as those truths remain rational.

4. Now list all the things you can think of that are ambiguous truths. These must be things in reality you really don’t have much of a clue about.

5. Then list all the things you think are good at. You can even make different lists so long as you identify them with an attribute that connects with reality.

6. Now list all the things you are passionately interested about.

7. Now list all the things you could care less about.

8. Then the things you are completely indifferent to.

9. The extent to which you are surprised is the round about extent to which you are aware or not.

10. Weed out contradictions or suspend them and proactively research the proper relevant information.

11. Combine and group similarities and make the proper conclusions and put them into their respective boxes: i.e. Deduction is the 100% true category. Induction is the ambiguous category.

Experiment by making shorter and longer lists. The point is to make you more aware via cross referencing elements that would never have co-occurred.

Howard Gardnener is his book Frames of Mind, points out that children begin by mere association i.e. Hammer and nail are more similar than hammer and screwdriver. Ayn Rand points out that we later (if we become rational people) move onto abstraction, removing and therefore grasping similarities and differences and then remembering them.

Your brain doesn’t integrate similarities across the board in a wide-scale fashion necessarily, it is extremely easy to default to compartmentalization. This is what the Matrix gives you: regardless of whether one element is right or wrong, the total context as a categorical board that progressively links and groups things together, is called mental integration. It is this that is most severely missing from our cultural understanding.

The question “How do you know when you’re right,” is an important one, but the real question is “How does a fairly rational person live an intelligent life in a culture that is severely and self-confessed to be anti-intellectual and is in fact highly irrational?”

That is the last concept I will give you today to chew on. Make no mistake, I have more often than not wound up correct in more situations than anyone I know, relative to my interests.

Practice Matrix List Making and I guarantee you will learn something substantial about yourself and reality. Keep these lists and even write them up in a program like Excel, Adobe Illustrator, etc. The computer makes it real easy. That is, until I come out with  the cognitive learning software to do it for you 😉


New Sci-Fi Short Story: ‘Springfield’ (Sample Only)

–This is the first chapter sample of my all-new VH short story! The only place you’re gonna find it: ‘Springfield’ here only now, and exclusively on WordPress!–


i. Camille’s Providence

It is always the best state, to have time.

I’ve always noticed the disparity in the pant of a male. That triangle of space where it wouldn’t be on the ken doll version of him. The material meets the leg and caves in toward the crotch. What we don’t want to admit is a person under there. A less conforming entity. Than a doll anyway. Than a RealGurl. Or Boy.

I know that I’m only just waking. Up. I know that I am traveling here in the rivers of my dreams. There are no more dreams though. I’ve been sent to record it. From the human point of view.

RD AUTO Message: +-XXX, Fri 1, Octobre 2087 – Springfield, VA. Off-Line |

We are post history.

Too much to record. Style trumps, meaning trumps style, both are fused into one. But it is indeed recorded. We are indeed being recorded. Forever.

No way to bring it all to focus. Like how we overlook things. Like…

I am looking outside. There is light.

The white Sun melting through the trees.

Gas clouds.
Air again, still.

A familiar quality to it. The windows, her windows…were dry. Sepia room, light splintering through the NeauFan blades above. She turned her head on her pillow, laying there, once again spread out on the bed, contemplating the ceiling with straying Eyes.

Her mom’s lawn was outside, gray-green through the unwashed windows. Always unwashed. No Neau Tech, can’t afford it. Crescent Hill Drive and Jenny’s house down the road a bit, but she couldn’t see it.

There was a place and time that was Springfield Mall. When the dream of CAMBIAN was still alive…

She thought of C-iiiNOBuN, CAMBIAN’S Official State Bakery, USC sponsored, of course. They’d taken it from the French style when the original Founding Father in the 20XX’s had still been alive.

NeauMusic was on, barely throwing a few piano notes into the air, thick with NCense and a dark ViewHorizon of a Penthouse in New York City.

She’d never been there.

The light from her dresser was creeping out into the darks of her room. Blues, blacks, muted whites, sheets. It was early morning. Her mom hadn’t gotten up yet. A stern, yet soft, almost melodic Voice from the RadioWalls came on in the background…

“The Learning Man Thinks The Learning Man Finds The Learning Man Does The Learning Man Runs The Learning Man Runs The Learning Man Thinks The Learning Man Does, The Learning Man Has, The Learning Man Can, The Learning Man Smiles The Learning Man Was, The Learning Man Wants,  The Learning Man Struggles, The Learning Man Wishes, The Learning Man Gets, The Learning Man Finds, The Learning Man Wounds, The Learning Man Absorbs, The Learning Man Completes.”

“Planet Earth Is Blue,’ read a Neau brochure peeking out from…

“ArchStoneNeauDriven State Sponsored Apartment Housing Available!” the small magazine read. Then the UberVoice from her EmoReader began chanting a soft few phrases as if under Her breath…

BECOME A ‘LEARNING ENTITY’ AND TRANSFORM INTO A PROPERLY RETRIBALIZED ‘SOCIAL CITIZEN!’ – read a random generic CAMBIAN Ad on the back of a Jewish ZinePamphlet sitting on her bed with a few  SoftSkynn TrannyDolls.

Jews themselves now a popular and recently official UFED UberGroup or ‘MicroGen.’ She didn’t care for ‘The Hebes’ really, though most of her friends when she was young were Jews before they all moved from her neighborhood, Crescent Forest.

“Let’s do this, okay, Victor, the Man of Total Involvement, of Total Awareness, absorbs everything around Him, the Running Man Runs, the Learning Man Learns, The Running Man Learns The Learning Man Runs…”

“Let’s do this, okay, Naomi: the WoMan of Total Involvement, of Total Awareness, absorbs everything around Her: the Running WoMan Runs, the Learning WoMan Runs, The Running WoMan Has And The Learning Man Does…”

The Running Man says this, about to do his morning Marathon. The CAMBIAN FIT WAT!

He repeats these lines to ‘Cast’ the NeauSpell over the Learning Software in his Brain to get better bicycle mileage. He knows that the wrong combination of wishing will get him the wrong muscle software configuration. This is a sposmodic discipline, the Life of the Learning Man.

He begins again…

“The Learning Man Thinks The Learning Man Finds The Learning Man Does The Learning Man Runs The Learning Man Runs The Learning Man Thinks The Learning Man Does, The Learning Man Has, The Learning Man Can The Learning Man Smiles The Learning Man Was The Learning Man Wants,  The Learning Man Struggles, The Learning Man Wishes, The Learning Man Gets, The Learning Man Finds, The Learning Man Wounds, The Learning Man Aborbs, The Learning Man Completes.


“The Learning Woman Thinks The Learning Woman Finds The Learning Woman Does The Learning Man Runs The Learning Man Runs The Learning Man Thinks The Learning Man Does, The Learning Man Fucks The Learning Man Eats The Learning Man Has, The Learning Man Can The Learning Man Smiles The Learning Man Was The Learning Man Wants,  The Learning Man Struggles, The Learning Man Wishes, The Learning Man Gets, The Learning Man Finds, The Learning Man Wounds, The Learning Man Aborbs, The Learning Man Completes. Himself.” The Learning Woman Runs, The  Learning Woman Has, The Learning Man IS.”

Camille felt herself mezmorized by the Near-Hypnopaedic voice.

The Radio kept on…

“More Homeless SAVED from the streets by the CAMBIAN INFANTRY! Given Up? Join Up.

Turned over in her bed. The white wash from the windows made her blink twice. “Oh shit, what am I gonna do about Kim?” Neasuea. Again. Fuck. She had to shit. “Gotta make bumper,” she exclaimed to her empty room. “Is there anything I can do?” asked Una. “Ah, wipe my ass.” There was no reply.


The wood of the bench kind of pinched her butt-cheeks when itty-bitty parts of her rear got caught between the slats. She was waiting for Blo-T, the next Transport out of Main-Line and into the gray area of now, Off-Line toward Springfield-Springfield. This was as opposed to the Oakland Community Springfield.

…Stay Tuned For More of ‘Springfield’ Tomorrow!

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Love is often the runoff.

Love is often the runoff.

Of what was there when another person’s body gave us pleasure we didn’t think possible.

If we reached it.

Then we would think, what do I do with all this residual positive energy? Then we project that feeling beyond the physicality onto another person. This could be called Love.

Until we incorporate the Intellectual. Then it either survives or it doesn’t from there.

f ac ebook & Intellectual dating

…& the conceptual age.

Our lives have been inexorably changed. F ac ebook searches better with more results, spelled this way. This is the mark, that signifying element in our psyche, that a paradigm has changed. J.P. Guilford had a theory about what he called (and what many businesses adopted since) – ‘Divergent Thinking.’ He divided thought or intelligence into two parts. Divergent and Convergent. Divergent goes from one point out, convergent, from multiple points inward. In abstract thought like forming the concept ‘political system’ it uses both with a primary focus of right brain-TO-left with right as the origin in my theory.

Recently I came across a book at Barnes & Nobles titled: “A Whole New Mind” Or something like that. Link here:

From the article:

— “Pink, a former chief speechwriter for former Vice President Al Gore, presents a convincing argument that our country is entering a new era — the so-called conceptual age — during which right-brained skills such as design and storytelling will become far more crucial than traditionally left-brained skills such as accounting and computer programming.” —

It was as if I were reading straight from one of my own blogs. But why is this true?

I will package it up neatly this time into an initially loose hypothesis:

1. Divergent THINKING & KEYWORDS: The backbone of the internet is keywords. Why is this non-linear and divergent? Because keywords relate in terms of how people search in a heterogeneous environment, it’s called the Internet. Think of a suburban planned community. Then think of the streets of New York City. Which one has the power to relate anything to anything else, instantly? WHich one does not?

2. Right brained equals all points simultaneously viewable, like standing in the middle of The National Gallery of Art, Modern wing in D.C. -As WIRED has said: “Secrets are at the same time, the Internet’s true forty..” (Paraphrased) The Net is both hetero and homo. It is a replica of how the brain behaves and we are living in it. Those who think from all points simultaneously (coff coff) i.e. ARTISTS and CREATIVE INTELLCTUALS.

3. Conceptual thought. Concepts are integrated units that are by nature, abstract. So is the Net. Big time. Think of an assembly line. Then think of a train track. Then think of a highway. Which one subsumes the most decentralized frenetic activity? Which the most linear? Concepts, esp abstract concepts like “Freedom” “Love” and “American Women,;)” are totally non-linear in their formation. (concept formation)

4. Dating portal s have become a mainstay and increased sexual activity in a safe, divergent structure. Just like how the right brain works, one of the Net’s prized media today is the dating site or ‘dating portal.’ Think about micro-organisms running around a maze. Think about how people would look if an office building’s top were taken off and you could see the top floor functioning? How would people move? Now do the same thing to what dating would look like in that same projected analogy. Intellectual dating is another story, but combines both right and left brained with dominance, again, going to the right! 🙂

I call the new mind: “The Abstract Synthetic Mind.” Adolf Hitler had it. Ayn Rand had it, so did Van Gogh. ALL artists. All abstract thinkers.

That’s it, there are only 4 reasons. 😉

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