Our personas react and conform to the people we are most immediately near.

ImageEven and especially when you protest certain things your lover, spouse, roommate, whomever…actually commit to action that day or everyday. The way to circumvent this is with conversations aimed at setting up situations where your patience and energy are optimal. For example, I used to drink coffee, caffeinated coffee everyday. When finally I stopped, and fully didn’t crave it anymore, I drank decaf and do to this day. It still has caffeine, but you shouldn’t be drinking coffee if you have anxiety. Ever.

If little by little we changed little things about ourselves, we’d get along a lot better. Most are closed to communicating in words. They don’t know this, they even completely aware or aware at all that others communicate a lot More with words and a lot more effectively and on many higher and differing levels. Language is the cornerstone of all progress human, let’s keep extending it to our love lives, to our families and children.