SEO Evidence of Upward Ranking Movement Last Night

So last night I was doing some keyword research (yes I guess you could call it that) and I thought of isolating key phrases where I am on one of the first pages. Pretty much, the first page is the only page within any search. Though there are people such as myself and my fiancé who will search maybe just a bit further.

Anyway, I went through a bunch of searches like “neal artist” which by the way has a low competition, relatively niche appropriate level of searches like 3,000 per month; and a high CPC (cost per click) value, to boot. I come up, regretfully on the fourth page. Ugh.

Anyhow, I happened to isolate the search “graphic novel free download.” I saw that my name came up on the bottom of the second page. No matter what computer I was on. (My wonderful awesome pretty beautiful gorgeous intellectual genius fiancé looked it up on her computer at work to verify after.)

Google Adwords verified that the search “graphic novel free download” ironically leads to a good cost per click as well as, get this: 2,900 or so searches per month, globally. About 3,000 searches are performed on that key phrase per month! 560 locally.

So, if you aren’t aware, the point of getting the traffic off of small key phrases vs. large name brand phrases like “art print” or some famous person; is to dominate the rankings of a phrase of keywords through not much to hack at in terms of competition. 

…Cause you have not a snow balls chance in hell of getting on that first page of a big term like “Art Print” for instance, really…you need sub genres! Cause guess how many searches Erotic Art has? Like I think, somewhere in the realm of 200,000 per month. You ain’t gonna hack through that. But a term with low competition that has 3,000 searches? Sure. And then rank on more of them. And more and more of them…

Anyway, you try to rank higher, which means to be indexed under a particular search at a higher place, meaning closer to the top of the very first page. 

Anyway, kind of being inspired that I was on the second page (at the bottom no less, yet still coming in good in the race for “graphic novel free download,”) I published a blog last night targeting all the recommended Adwords key phrases in my tag line, but not too many as to not “stuff.”

I also made the title identical to my original search:

“Graphic Novel Free Download: Vesper Heliotropic.”

I had published this post in December…

—There is “SEO pressure” I bet, also because I have been publishing key word aware blogs with targeted phrases (of relevent content as to not upset Google and remain a true artist not a spammer) for months if not more than a year about my book Vesper Heliotropic. 

So, again; last night I got inspired and published another ad for free download of my graphic novel first issue:

Notice that I also put the search INSIDE the URL. It matters. As does again, the title and tags, of course. 

So this is a picture of my ranking last night:






And here is today, late morning:


I’ve moved up 5 spots in the search overnight. Google as stated in the cheesy little info-graphic I whipped up in Pixelmator; Google put me 5 spots higher because of having such a recent date of publication, higher than the others. Google will take whatever most up to date relevant info on a given topic there is to take. I just didn’t think it would index within 12 hours! As stated on the time stamp of the ranking item.

I’m still on the second page, but if I keep after targeted keywords and phrases of the search, and as Adwords tells me, is a “Low Competition” search, then my rankings will wind up #1 eventually, in theory.

5 spots in a night. I mean, I did it with the SEO guy at a web company I used to work for; but overnight? It happens. Saw it happen there. 

I also by the way, Twittered the 3rd place ranking in the search, an author of a fantasy sci-fi series called “High Society.” I followed her, too. And will friend and network through everyone with relevant content. I should also include Vesper Heliotropic the title in the title line, not just the search which is bad practice, I was just too excited. 

Anyway, I am also on the first line of images in the Google image search for graphic novel free download. 

Moral of the story? You can rank overnight if the competition on a key phrase is low and the volume of searches decent. The Art of SEO by OReilly helped me in reading it btw. 

So, I will continue to augment key phrases in order to ad up search numbers. My goal right now is 30,000 searches per month as aggregated from ranking higher and on the first page at least on all targeted phrases. 

Hope this blog reaches the rankings on the same search too. I want everyone to know about how to rank as I did not, and could have used the help. 🙂


New Painting: The Dharma Cafe Old Downtown Fairfax Virginia Circa 1993

Impressionistic painting of the old dharma cafe in downtown Fairfax Virginia, circa 1993.

Impressionistic painting of the old dharma cafe in downtown Fairfax Virginia, circa 1993.

First new impressionistic painting of the old dharma cafe in downtown Fairfax Virginia, circa 1993. Only true bohemia I ever saw. Click here to mat and frame this!