One can know things by inference. That is, if knowledge is defined by repeatable events met with repeatable actions corresponding to a probabilistic context of the same variables. And it is always this basis, the ones in control are always maintaining don’t exist.


Labor Day

I’d like to thank my wonderful fiancée for pointing out the actual meaning of labor day this morning. I suppose we do owe thanks not to our government per se, but to the people that made use of the genius of amendable government. Every step of the way while the kings and the barons still persisted as they had throughout all history; to rule by force and without justice to those they ruled.

Not that I agree with Democracy itself you see…Democracy is rule by mob without the electoral college and even with it, it’s not enough in my view. Amendable government; actually having the ability, at least with a good fight, to change the nature and enforcement of that which rules us–is what we persist in this for as a bottom line. Continue Reading…

Winners are the Weak. A Call to Radical Action: Join a Colony.


I have given up much in the name of my principles. I have seen very few people even hold, when I’m really honest with myself; (other than my fiancé 🙂 to any standards at all other than framed by what can be traced directly to mere survival. I am lucky to be in love with someone who holds to standards outside their mainstream society; a feat far greater than I’d ever imagined for people.

My own betrayal lies in associating myself (in the past) with those who are really despite all facades (and they can be convincing) devoid of culture. But what is culture you might ask? Our postmodern sensibilities tell us it is after all, all relative. I know better, and that the reality is that these are the last vestiges of The Enlightenment we are seeing, now finally disappearing.

The paragraph itself has shrunk in the last 30 years to one fifth its size. Art has become decorative and really nothing more. The idea of introspection is a rumor and conditioned out of the population. Music is on its last legs. Soon, and especially Americans will be nothing more than overly informed savages. People, for the most part work at meaningless jobs that work to no greater end. As Chomsky points out, it is very reminiscent in America of the 1930’s Germany: “People are down and out, not even knowing what to be frightened of.”

At the same time the Military is about to be so powerful in human history, that we are probably witnessing the last days of resistance. It’s going to be impossible soon. Like, actually too powerful to overthrow. The population will spread so thin that we will all be made into Tokyo like cells for rooms. A mob of the unemployed is coming and so are televised executions. We’re looking at 12 Monkeys and 1984 as tame renditions of our future.

Radical action is the only action we can afford and still have a chance and changing the direction of the tide. I only conceive of what is necessary in my nightmares. I remember a time when getting pulled over meant you were innocent until proven guilty. Now we work to prove our innocence. Museums are for show, galleries; ostensible.

The nightmare is here and we are in it. The only thing to do is collect those last people that still care about education, art, culture, wisdom, philosophy…poetry… Collect each other, start colonies, drop out of the vacuum “culture” we live in.

I remember the scene in 12 Monkeys where Bruce Willis’s character sticks his head out the car window and breathes in the air, exclaiming “SO FRESH!” Then, putting on a little music, lapping the sounds up like honey… see this movie, understand what movies and stories like it are saying. Their real message lies in a premonition: we are on the verge of the total nightmare: WAKE UP.

Organization of people into decentralized colonies is totally feasible, even without the grid due to all the technologies the people now possess. Any participation in the traditional society is about completely meaningless. Peer to peer is what the Internet made possible on a scale never before seen in human history. And no one has really caught on to its true potential. It is my goal to seek those out who also wish to drop out, to drop in. Humans have the ability to predict their fates to a degree far more than the other animals. Make no mistake, there is THEY. Let’s not let Them take that away from Us, too.

Memoir and Predictions on the Near Future

I think the most salient element of my life has been being too ahead for my age and place. Not in every realm, surely not in most realms, nor it seems even some or more of my own realms… But indeed, I was very mature for my age, very young and was in a neighborhood and upbringing that nurtured thinking.

Let me restate: that nurtured thinking better in comparison to the rest of the country. I grew up in Fairfax County, one of the absolute richest in the  U.S.

I had no idea of this until recently and I took it all for granted.

I must also state that I, because of my gifts for art and thinking, in being too ahead in this way, paid the price and devolved to some extent. To the point where people thought of me as a real asshole. My own echo-chamber I can see now, was the enemy to some good extent.

In the more recent part of my life, the echo-chamber grew a personality trait of a maladaptive, misanthropic vision for humanity as insulation against the anti-intellectual onslaught I wasn’t ready for. This began in high school as my mother’s death became for the first time a real possibility in my mind. It is easy to let oneself adapt to their surroundings through pure defense, when seeing the other point of view, no matter how base you might consider it to be, is an effective deterrent and can even unravel problems.

It was my parents who taught me to think.

Far different a thing to teach one how to think, the most important thing for children aside from the how, is just to think at all.

When I say thinking, I do not mean picking up a book once a day, or any isolated bourgeois cocktail party equivalent–but nothing less than at least a regular and habitual, genuine interest in ideas and their implications that at least takes up a significant part of every day.

In my family, and I would later find almost solely in houses of what I’m finding in looking back, Jewish people I knew.  There were stories read to us, and thinking about those stories was verbalized and debated. Later, verbal arguments and verbal politics were conversations of my youth where Greek traditions of the oral sort were actually practiced. I remember being excited to get up and talk ideas over coffee with a best friend’s mom, or the night before, a party where big ideas passed like water and honey.

In these days, thinking, genuine 19th century poetic style interest in ideas, is a rarity. This is a sad fact.

Later in life I would find and have found in virtually every other part of the country I’ve been to, to be a stock inventory of the rank-in-file life of passive consumerism; something I railed at ever since age 14. I found in the duration of my life, that my initial conclusions about consumerism and its corporate stranglehold on especially the American public–were real. Actually real.

Virtually every other part of the country is riddled with people that can remain in one place for a very long time and enjoy their “lives” and be fine. Who don’t need more than a TV, media driven entertainment, and enough to eat and breed. But it’s real. All too real a tragedy. But it’s always been this way and perhaps would always be if technology wasn’t exponential in growth, which it is, forcing the mind millennium to grow into a zygote. At least. The first signs of these first bouts with European level unemployment rates is the infancy of a far more massive 3rd world existence in the North Western Hemisphere.

The future is still driven by entrepreneurs that are too few. The web has still not caught on in the individual-basis of decentralization. Right now, were seeing polarization of political parties which has divided the country inside mass sized echo worlds. Due to the fact that the individual and individual group can achieve a pure homeostasis inside a self-media driven echo chamber will catch on and on and on and grow and grow until first, we see the landscape of suburbia begin to take an even stronger urban character. Then, we will hear of another rise of cults…then, states might be bringing up their rights, though this may already be a moot point. I mean, why do we need to congregate by means of states when our electronics can be functional anywhere. Zombie movies perhaps mark the first unconsious public realization that we are no longer contained by national borders, and now the ground we walk on is itself back to the medevil view of rolling decentralized hills and embankments, vague fuedal territories and maybe even how the Native Americans viewed the land as the land eternal.

We can’t see over the hills, there is just too much information.